Monday, October 12, 2009

Run Austin Run Half Marathon

I ran the 1st Annual Run Austin Run Half Marathon in Austin, Texas yesterday. It was a great day in ATX for a run, cool and overcast. It was about 56 degrees and dry until about 9:10am and then it started to rain and it was cold for this Texan!! (As I have written in my other blogs, it was a long, hot summer!) But, I love the cold!!

The race also featured a 5K and 10K. The route was a grueling, hilly route around some of the most beautiful and hilliest neighborhood roads in Austin. I am very familiar with most of the roads because I have trained on them for many years, but I was not really prepared for the route!! I decided to run the race a couple days ago. I kept thinking of the Decker Challenge while running this race. I am still trying to determine which is harder. Decker has longer hills and has a lot of wind on the course from the rural location. RAR had a lot of short, steep inclines.

I would recommend the race, it was in an easily accessible area of town and well marked and generally well-staffed.  There were not of lot of race spectators, but I figure it was because of it being a new race. It was also beautiful and a distance we (ATX) need (and like) at this time of the year. I definately saw some kinks that need to be worked out, but that is because I am a race veteran. They needed more water stops between miles 8-11 ( I don't think there was one between these miles, just at 8 and 11). Also, the water stops were not well staffed and the water cups were filled too full. I really don't want to whine or gripe about this though because I think race volunteers are WONDERFUL!! I also saw at least two EMS trucks driving and watching the race participants (very cautious). I can't say a lot about the after party because I got cold and left quickly after the rain started. But, it did look like they spent a lot of time on the after party.

One more thing about the race that needs to be worked out. More time to pick up race packet!! The only time was between 10 and 5 on Saturday before the race. I had to have my mom pick up my packet for me because we were so busy this Saturday. Which I am sure many families are!!

I am sore today and ran the race in 1:41, not my best time, but ok for the course and training. As my daughter said, "you aren't even training Mommy, why are you running a race?" I placed 4th in my age-group. I am happy with my results and will probably run it again next year!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Garmin 205

Ok, I am not going to say I am a gadget person or extremely "techy", but I love my Garmin and can't live without it!! Now I sound like I am speaking at Garmins anonymous. But, seriously, I charged my Garmin earlier in the week and saw it was charged. I then went to put it on and turn it on. was dead...I kept on pushing the "on" button and nothing would happened. I plugged it back in, still no response. I was feeling doomed. I started feeling sad, and despondent, wondering how would I survive without it.

I went on my bike ride, realizing all the great things my Garmin did other than tracking my miles and just got sadder. But, I also thought about where I bought it...REI!! and decided to call them.

I always have known I loved REI! I guess you can guess what happened? Yes, REI said they would exchange my Garmin for a new one!!! and I would have done that, but they were out of stock at REI. So,  I googled "dead Garmin" and found out there is a "soft reset". All Garmin users need to know this- push lap and mode at the same time. Well, that did the trick!! I went out for a run and was so happy!!

Ha, the little things in life that make you so happy!! If my Garmin dies (really dies), I will try REI again! 

Monday, September 28, 2009

Good Runs

I am striving to always do good, high quality runs!! I am not always successful, but I am trying!!! It is so hard to do. My running has always been an "outlet" or "me-time".  So, I can just go out for a run and veg, but not all workouts can be "veg" workouts. During my high-quality runs, I really push myself to at least 80% of my max and don't veg. I do still get the good endorphins from these workouts, but they are harder to get motivated for, especially on my own.  I trained with an awesome coach, Gilbert Tuhabonye, for a couple years and learned a lot from him. I still run with his group on weekends, but miss the high quality weekly workouts. I would really look forward to these workouts because I had a lot of new friends doing them. Now, I am doing these on my own, because of my "all over the place" work schedule.

Are you wondering why do high quality runs? Well, there are a lot of good reasons, even if you are a beginner or are not training for a race. Even as a new runner, running more high quality workouts, that change your stride and use different muscles will improve your running in comfort, ease, strength, and quickness.

As a seasoned runner, training for races, speed workouts and hill workouts will improve your times and increase your fitness.

So, remember hills, track, farleck and tempo...and long runs!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Does Kombucha really do a body good??

I don't know about the kombucha, but I am trying it.

I have tried Monavie..I liked the taste and the idea of it. But, it was very expensive and I really couldn't tell it changed anything for me? I tried for 2 weeks first and even for a month.

Now, I am drinking Kombucha. It is still a little expensive. I tried Synergy first, then Buddha's Brew. I really like Buddha's Brew Ginger!

But, now I have tried a friends that is locally made. I can't remember the name, but drank their Pina Coloda Ginger flavor. Good stuff and a better price than the stuff you find in the stores.

There are all kinds of claims of health benefits, including:

Restores hair color

Thickens hair

Dissolves gallstones Increases energy

Lengthens lifespan

Arterioscrosis/softens veins

Speeds healing

Lowers cholesterol

Lowers blood pressure

Increases blood circulation

Eliminates wrinkles/skin humectant

Improves menopausal symptoms

Strengthens leg muscles

Chickenpox /herpes zoster remedy

Colitis/improves digestion/ nervous stomach

Poultice for wounds/ulcers

Cleanses gallbladder

Lessens anxiety

Levels glucose

Protects teeth from cavities

Activates glandular system
So, I am going to try it and see. I have been drinking it for a couple weeks now. Not every day, but on the weekends. I do like the taste!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Importance of Rest!!!

I am taking a rest day today! Enjoying my coffee and not going to workout! I have worked out hard this week and am sore! I have been a runner since my teen years and worked in the fitness industry since my early 20's. One thing I have learned is that your body needs a rest day! Since, I have started this (rest thing) I have not been injured from over-training. I have certainly taken tumbles down the trails, streets and stairs and gotten injured, but not from training. I always rest at least one day a week now! working out for one day!

I know it is so hard to take a day of rest when you are a triathlete, marathoner, runner, swimmer, someone trying to lose weight or other daily fitness addict. You feel that it will derail your fitness or weightloss...or just throw you off your fitness regimine. But, that is wrong, especially, if you are pushing yourself 75-90% of your max and feeling tired...even if you aren't particulary tired- you need at least one day of rest from any kind of working out each week. Unless, you are an elite, but most of us aren't!

Rest will help with your mental outlook, help your fitness level (yes!) and help your body recover (to prevent injuries). Cross-training on one of the other days you work out helps, too. Also, getting a good nights sleep helps training, too. Check out this article in Runners World on sleep. There are more, I think you get the idea, but a good night's sleep is important, too!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

20 Mile Ride Today!

I finally got on my bike today for a real workout! and what a day. It was 68 degrees when we were getting our the door to get to school this morning. I didn't get to ride until 10:00, but the weather was still awesome! I have been riding my bike to take Cams to school and back home, to work and just whenever I can for an errand or to the pool. But, have not worked out on my bike since early August!

I made a loop from Lake Austin, up Exposition to Balcones over to Shoal Creek and back around Scenic to Lake Austin. It was very hilly, but I kept and avg pace of 14 mph with a max of was a fun and hard workout!

I tried something new last night! I tried Camp Gladiator boot camp. I am very picky about workouts, but would recommend this to anyone and would do it again! We did a lot of running drills, arm work and core work. I am sore today! It was a lot of fun, we even finished with "tug o war" and I happened to be on the team that won. What fun! I think that it is a good workout for runners and triathletes, too. We don't always have time to get to the gym for weights or core workouts.

I just finished an awesome lunch!! It was a grilled sharp cheddar cheese sandwich with avocado and heirloom tomatoes on sourdough! Yum!! Awesome reward for a good workout!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Glucosamine and MSM

I think that Glucosamine and MSM must be miracle supplements!! Seriously! If you follow my blog, you know that I injured my knee back in June (through a fall) and have had a hard time running after the injury because of the pain. Well, I recently kicked up my mileage and have had a "sore" knee after my long runs. It has been more like an over-worked knee than an injured knee though. I started thinking about my supplements and realized I haven't been taking Glucosamine and MSM because I ran out. Just bought some Saturday night and ran on Sunday morning (15 miles!) and didn't have any pain and don't today!! Yippee!! I feel like I could run today. I am going to take off though. When I got back into marathoning at 35, I noticed a little bit of ligament and knee pain and started taking Glucosamine and MSM. It worked the same way at that time, like magic.

Well, off to swim a mile at Barton Springs!...thinking about the Longhorn 70.3 now!!